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Celebrities Are Too Fat

1 Apr

Ever notice how women and men in classic paintings were a little rotund? That’s because they were rich enough to hire an artist to paint their portrait. Money also meant you could eat. And eating was the kind of thing that caused paupers to covet their neighbours.

Leave it to TMZ to devote a whole slideshow to celebrities who finally made enough money to eat three square meals a day.

TMZ wasn’t the only media outlet to treat celebrity weight gain with such finesse. Us magazine also jumped on board with a slightly different angle. It looked like they were on the celebrities’ side, too, until they picked the most unappealing photos for their slideshow.

Same shit, slightly shittier?

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Photos: Getty, Wire Image

Didn’t We Used to Like Buxom Babes?

1 Apr

Few celebrities have come under as much scrutiny over their weight than Christina Aguilera. It’s true that she used to be super-skinny, but I wonder if she’s really that fat now?

Call me crazy, but I don't even think she's plump.

Honestly, she looks like most women who aren’t celebrities. She’s more full-figured than before, but she’s hardly portly. And then Kelly Osbourne – who really should know better – got on Christina’s case.

Dear Kelly Osbourne: When you called Christina Aguilera fat because she did the same to you when you were heavier, did you remember to give Karma a pink slip?

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Photos: Getty Images & Wire Image