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Mariah Can’t Catch a Break

4 Jul

Perez Hilton, who took a vow to stop bullying celebrities on his site, hasn’t always been kind to Mariah Carey. For the most part, he’s poked fun at her weight. While I applaud his general consistency with his anti-bullying project, he’s not doing Mariah any favours with this piece.

What he implies is that Mariah looks spectacular *because* she’s slim. I was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt until I read the first line of the post, which goes “Mimi’s got curves in all the right places!”

My question is, where are the right places for curves? Would my ass fat be more acceptable and attractive if it ended up in, like, my shoulders or my calves? Where should my curves go?

In a recent article for the Huffington Post, Yashar Ali argued that complimenting someone on their weight loss is a double-edged sword. In one example, he explains how a friend who had lost weight was suddenly being told how beautiful she looked. “Was I just a disgusting pig before? Now I’m worthy of validation?” she said.

I’ve often felt the same way when people have applauded my weight loss. “Are you saying I was too fat before?” I’d often ask. One family member responded, “of course not. I just want you to be healthy.” But even at my heaviest, I assure all readers of The Scrawn that no doctor would have told me that I was at risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, or any illness usually tied to obesity. The fact is, I wasn’t obese, I was just not as skinny as your average celebrity. Otherwise, I eat plenty of vegetables, I prefer complex carbohydrates, and my proteins often consist of white meat, fish or beans. Chips, chocolate and general junk food? You won’t find them in the house. At my heaviest, I was never unhealthy.

What does a healthy body look like? A lot of things, many of which might surprise you. On the other hand, there’s only one ideal body, and it isn’t always healthy.

Source: Coco Perez

Photo: Getty Images