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Fat Studies: It’s Totally a Thing

2 Apr

The academic community spends way more time than I do deconstructing body image issues and pop culture, because it’s there to be deconstructed. My way just involves less paper-writing and more snark.

The Pop Culture Association and American Culture Association (PCA/ACA) are hosting their national conference in Boston next week, and if I could, I’d be there in a pinch. Among the “Fat Studies” talks I wish I could attend are:

A Growing Population: Fat Phobia, Urbanization, and Public Space, by Courtney Zehnder

Bodies in Question: An Analysis of Fat Bodies, Gender and Sexuality in the Television Show Huge, by Rebecca Agosta

Sins of the Body: Medicine, Media, and the Immorality of Fat, by Cassy Griff

Phantoms of Fat: Affective Spectatorship, Body Image and Fat Bodies in the Media, by Katariina Kyrola