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Lady Gaga Calls It

14 Apr

Wait, you mean she didn't use The Secret to lose weight?

A couple of years ago, when asked how she kept herself so slim, Lady Gaga responded, “I’m on a very strict healthy pop star diet. I don’t eat bread, just vegetables and salad and fish. Eating like that is much better for me anyway but on Sundays I sometimes eat pasta.” Months later, she allowed Harley Pasternak to come out of the closet as her personal trainer and dietician. And if you’ve been on Pasternak’s 5-Factor diet, as I have, you can attest to the fact that even though you’re eating 5 times a day, it often feels like you’re not eating at all. That said, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Back then, it seemed people recognized the tongue-in-cheek humour behind the notion of a “pop star diet.” So it’s a little surprising that people got so offended by the following tweet:

Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IWasBornThisWay

Us Magazine‘s Ariana Finlayson – who’s an expert at telling us when Ashley Judd’s face looks puffy (or Lara Flynn Boyle‘s, for that matter), when Vanessa Lachey eats something, or what Mark Wahlberg’s body looks like – used her journalistic superpowers to report on Lady Gaga’s outraged fans.

Though Ms. Finlayson said the singer’s tweet “could be taken as a pro-anorexic statement,” it bears mentioning that Lady Gaga acknowledges eating a salad. And though she’s dreaming of a cheeseburger (which is par for the course when you’re on any diet), her tweet seems more like a not-so-subtle, if ironic condemnation of the difficult standards celebrities – especially females – have to maintain.

Of course, Ms. Finlayson’s the one getting paid to write this shit. Me? I’m pro bono.

Source: Us Weekly

Writer: Ariana Finlayson

Photo: Interscope

Why Ashley Judd Should Replace Me as Editor of The Scrawn

9 Apr

In this most eloquent piece, Ashley Judd addresses the media flurry caused by her “puffy” appearance last month.

The gossipers lynched her for being on steroids, having plastic surgery, getting older or gaining weight, sometimes a variation of two or more of these. “We won’t even address how extraordinary it is that a size eight would be heckled as ‘fat,'” she says.

She rightfully calls out picking apart women’s bodies for its inherent misogyny. Ironically, she points out, women are largely the ones doing the picking apart. And if you think it’s hogwash, consider that Liz Raftery wrote about it for People, Debbie Emery represented for Radar Online, perennial favourite Ariana Finlayson was on top of it for Us Magazine, and Cara Harrington covered it for Hollywood Dame.

Judd asks, “Why was a puffy face cause for such a conversation in the first place? How, and why, did people participate?” I wonder how the media would respond. I bet they simply won’t. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Photo: Wenn, Splash News

Whoa! Pregnant Vanessa Lachey is Eating Again?

2 Apr

Vanessa Lachey has developed quite an appetite since a baby started to grow inside her uterus, and Us magazine‘s Ariana Finlayson is all over it. Here, Finlayson almost misses the product placement and focuses instead on Mrs. Lachey’s bold decision to pose sans makeup.

I know you took this photo yourself, Vanessa, but you are *sooo* busted.

Finlayson concludes her investigative piece by reminding us that Vanessa ate something last weekend, too.

Actual quote: “White cheddar Pirate’s Booty isn’t the only snack the first-time mom to be has been satisfying her pregnancy cravings with — on Saturday Vanessa chowed down on a double-scoop cone while Nick snacked on both a  cone and a cup.”

Source: Us Magazine

Writer: Ariana Finlayson

Photo: Vanessa Lachey’s Twitter

Slow News Day: Mark Wahlberg Edition

1 Apr

Women aren’t the only ones facing skewed messages about body image. Men get it too. And their ideal is even harder to reach. Take US magazine‘s filler piece on Mark Wahlberg’s buff bod. You only get like this if you eat nothing but chicken, egg whites, spinach, rice and protein shakes. In other words, if you’ve cauterized your own taste buds.

He would've saved us all from 9/11.

In case you needed a reminder that you are not Mark Wahlberg.

Source: US Magazine

Writer: Ariana Finlayson

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Vanessa Lachey Eats Ice Cream

1 Apr

In entertainment media, only one circumstance justifies leniency on weight gain: pregnancy. But if an expectant mother dares succumb to her cravings in public, that deserves a firm slap on the wrists. After all, the whole time they’re eating for two, Hollywood mothers-to-be need to worry about – nay, prioritize – their post-baby bods. So when Vanessa Lachey made a pit stop at the ice cream shack (which was probably more of a FroYo joint), the paps knew the gossip blogs would lap it up. Imagine their glee when Us magazine did instead!

Nick can eat anything he wants, but Vanessa should be thinking about her "health."

Source: Us Magazine

Writer: Ariana Finlayson

Photo: Beverly News