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We Can’t All Be Beyoncé

10 May

My friend Krishna, who’s also a talented artist, alerted me to the fact that skewed body image isn’t limited to the West. Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who was once deemed the most beautiful woman in the world, is now being called “aunty” – a not-so-subtle (and not-so-kind) jab at someone who’s put on a bit of frump.

Granted, Aishwarya gave birth to a whole human being just last November. But given Beyoncé’s hasty – if unrealistic – post-baby weight loss, expectations for celebrities of this calibre have just increased.

So start starvin’, Aishwarya! That baby doesn’t need you nearly as much as the film industry does.

Sources: A Women’s Club, Emirates 24/7

Photo: Unknown

Hilary Duff Is “Struggling”

2 Apr

A mere two weeks after Hilary Duff gave birth to son Luca, the Daily Mail is reporting that getting back into shape isn’t as easy for the Disney star. Their piece is backed up by Duff’s tweet, declaring “20 minutes on the elliptical seems like an eternity!!! What the hell…”

Daily Mail, I don't get it: Are you trying to encourage Hilary or put her down by posting these photos?

In earlier Tweets, when a follower had complimented her post-baby look, Duff replied, “You should have seen what I looked like last week…Eek surprised I still have a husband!! It was time to throw them heels on 😉 guurl.”

Hilary, guurl, it’s only been 2 weeks. You should give yourself a break even if Hollywood won’t.

Source: Daily Mail

Writer: Laura Schreffler

Photo: INF photo

People’s Post-Baby Coverage

1 Apr

When celebrities lose weight after having children, they don’t keep mum about it. They tell People.

Did she use magic?

With the right entourage (and nothing but celery in the fridge), anything is possible.

Honestly, the most surprising bit is about Kelly Preston, who managed to have a baby while narrowly avoiding menopause.

Source: People Magazine

Hang On…Celebrities Raise Their Own Kids?

1 Apr

Jennifer Garner is “applauded” for not having immediately regained her pre-baby svelteness after giving birth to her third child one month ago. A move that’s equated with focusing on motherhood.

Because you don’t love your children unless you’re fat.

No nanny. No personal trainer. No PA. What's Jennifer Garner playing at?

Besides the unflattering photos, the fact that this seemed to warrant any attention feels like a subtle condemnation.

Source: Daily Mail

Writer: Amelia Proud

Photo: Wenn

Didn’t We Used to Like Buxom Babes?

1 Apr

Few celebrities have come under as much scrutiny over their weight than Christina Aguilera. It’s true that she used to be super-skinny, but I wonder if she’s really that fat now?

Call me crazy, but I don't even think she's plump.

Honestly, she looks like most women who aren’t celebrities. She’s more full-figured than before, but she’s hardly portly. And then Kelly Osbourne – who really should know better – got on Christina’s case.

Dear Kelly Osbourne: When you called Christina Aguilera fat because she did the same to you when you were heavier, did you remember to give Karma a pink slip?

Sources: The Blemish, Star Magazine, Us Magazine

Photos: Getty Images & Wire Image

Beyoncé Bounces Back

1 Apr

There was as much ado about Beyoncé giving birth as there was around her post-baby body. Something they hardly ever tell you is how youth can help you lose the baby fat a little quicker, not to mention how many babies you’ve had. At age 30, this is Beyoncé’s first child. Then again, she was probably working out during her whole pregnancy, and likely crash-dieted for a good week before painting this blue number on.

Fertility: We will vanquish your side-effects yet.

At least she was curvy pre-pregnancy.

Source: Bitten & Bound

Photo: Wenn