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Sleeveless Dudes

5 Apr

In case you thought only women had a standard of beauty to attain, Celebuzz comes to the ideological rescue with this slideshow. It features men with the kinds of bodies you couldn’t possibly earn without special access to the Illuminati’s private stash of personal trainers.

Covet, gentlemen. Covet.

Source: Celebuzz

Writer: Rachel Maresca

Photos: Various

Slow News Day: Mark Wahlberg Edition

1 Apr

Women aren’t the only ones facing skewed messages about body image. Men get it too. And their ideal is even harder to reach. Take US magazine‘s filler piece on Mark Wahlberg’s buff bod. You only get like this if you eat nothing but chicken, egg whites, spinach, rice and protein shakes. In other words, if you’ve cauterized your own taste buds.

He would've saved us all from 9/11.

In case you needed a reminder that you are not Mark Wahlberg.

Source: US Magazine

Writer: Ariana Finlayson

Photo: Pacific Coast News