Whoa! Pregnant Vanessa Lachey is Eating Again?

2 Apr

Vanessa Lachey has developed quite an appetite since a baby started to grow inside her uterus, and Us magazine‘s Ariana Finlayson is all over it. Here, Finlayson almost misses the product placement and focuses instead on Mrs. Lachey’s bold decision to pose sans makeup.

I know you took this photo yourself, Vanessa, but you are *sooo* busted.

Finlayson concludes her investigative piece by reminding us that Vanessa ate something last weekend, too.

Actual quote: “White cheddar Pirate’s Booty isn’t the only snack the first-time mom to be has been satisfying her pregnancy cravings with — on Saturday Vanessa chowed down on a double-scoop cone while Nick snacked on both a  cone and a cup.”

Source: Us Magazine

Writer: Ariana Finlayson

Photo: Vanessa Lachey’s Twitter

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