Didn’t We Used to Like Buxom Babes?

1 Apr

Few celebrities have come under as much scrutiny over their weight than Christina Aguilera. It’s true that she used to be super-skinny, but I wonder if she’s really that fat now?

Call me crazy, but I don't even think she's plump.

Honestly, she looks like most women who aren’t celebrities. She’s more full-figured than before, but she’s hardly portly. And then Kelly Osbourne – who really should know better – got on Christina’s case.

Dear Kelly Osbourne: When you called Christina Aguilera fat because she did the same to you when you were heavier, did you remember to give Karma a pink slip?

Sources: The Blemish, Star Magazine, Us Magazine

Photos: Getty Images & Wire Image

One Response to “Didn’t We Used to Like Buxom Babes?”

  1. Andrew December 2, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    I’m sorry, but 5′-1″ and 175 LBS is obese. Period. It’s not a judgment, it’s accepted science. Look it up. Just because most people in this country are significantly over what is accepted a healthy weight does not make it normal.

    The Scrawn: Hi Andrew. I wish your argument was as convincing as the science you cite. Most scientists would have made their case at length rather than implore me to “look it up.” Incidentally, The Scrawn knows what science is. As far as “accepted science,” I’m going to go ahead and suggest you look up that phrase to see if it makes as much sense as you think it does in the context that you’re using it in. You might be surprised.

    In any case, no, 175 lbs at 5’1″ is not categorically obese. Muscle weighs more than fat. If there’s any muscle in there – and you don’t know for a fact that there isn’t – it’ll shift the significance of the numbers quite a bit. Medical doctors and nutritional scientists accept this.

    And anyway, there is no reliable source determining that she is, in fact, 175 lbs. As someone who likes to cite “accepted science,” I’m a little surprised that you simply accepted the tabloids’ statement without questioning how they came to that number. A very unscientific method, all told.

    If what you’re interested in is science, you’ll be happy to know that what is considered a “healthy” weight varies from one person to another. Because of the different types of bodies and the way the weight is distributed so differently from one person to the next, a “healthy weight” is an approximate measure. In the photo, Christina Aguilera doesn’t look unhealthy at all. At that weight, she is probably not a candidate for diabetes, and she is unlikely to die of a heart attack any time soon.

    The point is not how much she weighs. The point is, she doesn’t owe you or anyone else her weight loss. And if what you see in that picture is what you consider obese, that’s pretty judgmental, not to mention delusional. The good news is, one day, it’ll come raining down on you.

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